Steam in the 1960's - Page 8

Chester - all photos taken in December 1965

Two Stanier class 5's await the signal.

Up and Down freights pass in the yard.

BR standard class 4 4-6-0 75010.

Two views of Britannia class pacific 70035 "Rudyard Kipling".

Station pilot at the west end was 3F 0-6-0 47437.

A BR Class 3 2-6-0 en route to the shed.

A view to the west with the DMU depot on the right.


This photo was taken during the course of a cab ride from Gobowen to Shrewsbury on 45284.

45284 at Shrewsbury after arriving on a Birkenhead to London Paddington train, February 1967.

78017 was on station pilot duties on the same day.

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