Steam in the 1960's - Page 11

Birkenhead shed (8H)

I never seemed to have much luck with sunshine in Birkenhead!  An impressive collection of freight power simmers away on a sunday afternoon in June 1966.

Stanier 8F 48402.

A line of withdrawn 2-6-4 tanks, Birkenhead gas works is on the right.

42647 was withdrawn after through passenger trains to London finished.

A hazy day on shed.

Wigan (North Western)

45001 on an up freight.

70016 "Ariel" leans to the curve on a southbound freight.

70033 "Charles Dickens" on a typical vacuum braked freight of the period.

A Class 5 4-6-0 shunting parcels vans on a cold morning.

A grubby 8F clanks through the station.

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